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Hun main tainu bhulauna chahunda Par kiven?

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Hun main tainu bhulauna chahunda
Par kiven?

Mere sahaan di mala de
Har manke te tera na

Bass tera hi gunn gauna chahunda
Kai ratan jagaya main tare gin gin

Is ginti de gair nu makuna chahunda
Tu mera chadd

Hun taan raat nu vi ho gayi e
Aadat teri yaad di

Main na hun chain di neend sauna chahunda
Meri jindagi di kitaab de

Har panne te tera na
Hun dass main ki karan

Chah ke vi na duniya nu dikhauna chahunda
Tu mere kol si is tarah

Jiven baddal kol pani di boond
Na tu rukk sakdi

Na main rakh sakda
Par sacch jani

Main tanu gavauna nahin si chahunda


very niceeee


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buhat acah

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