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tori door saat chaloooooo

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1GMT + 4 Hours tori door saat chaloooooo on 26/12/09, 01:11 pm


kaThin hai raahguzar thoRii duur saath chalo
bahut kaRaa hai safar thoRii duur saath chaalo

tamaam umr kahaaN ko’ii saath detaa hai
maiN jaantaa huuN magar thoRii duur saath chalo
nashe meN chuur huuN maiN bhii tumheN bhii hosh nahiiN
baRaa mazaa ho agar thoRii duur saath chalo
ye ek shab kii mulaaqaat bhii Ghaniimat hai
kise hai kal kii Khabar, thoRii duur saath chalo
abhii to jaag rahe haiN chiraaGh raahoN ke
abhii hai duur sahar thoRii duur saath chalo

tavaaf-e-manzil-e-jaanaaN hameN bhii karnaa hai
“Faraz” tum bhii agar thoRii duur saath chalo

2GMT + 4 Hours Re: tori door saat chaloooooo on 23/01/10, 09:33 pm


very nice

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