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paa-ba-gl sab hain

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1GMT + 4 Hours paa-ba-gl sab hain on 29/12/09, 04:52 pm


New member
New member
paa-ba-gil sab hai.n rihaa_ii kii kare tadabiir kaun
dast-bastaa shahar me.n khole merii zanjiir kaun

[rihaa_ii = freedom; tadabiir = solution/way]
[dast-bastaa = tied hands]

meraa sar haazir hai lekin meraa munsif dekh le
kar rahaa hai mere fard-e-jurm kii tahariir kaun

[munsif = judge; fard-e-jurm = tale of guilt]
[tahariir = writing]

aaj darvaazo.n pe dastak jaanii pahachaanii sii hai
aaj mere naam laataa hai merii taaziir kaun

[taaziir = punishment]

niind jab Khvaabo.n se pyaarii ho to aise ahad me.n
Khvaab dekhe kaun aur Khvaabo.n ko de taabiir kaun

[ahad = era/times]

ret abhii pichhale makaano.n kii na vaapas aa_ii thii
phir lab-e-saahil gharaundaa kar gayaa taamiir kaun

[lab-e-saahil = on the shoreline; taamiir = construct]

saare rishte hijrato.n me.n saath dete hai.n to phir
shahar se jaate hue hotaa hai daaman_giir kaun

merii chaadar to chhinii thii shaam kii tanhaa_ii ne
beridaa_ii ko merii phir de gayaa tashahiir kaun

dushmano.n ke saath mere dost bhii aazaad hai.n
dekhanaa hai khe.nchataa hai mujh pe pahalaa tiir kaun

bht muskil poetry hai iss liye difficul words k meaning bhi likh diye hain tak assani say samj ajain

2GMT + 4 Hours Re: paa-ba-gl sab hain on 30/12/09, 03:28 am


really i know
zabardst jani

iss baras
phir se
ussi mosam mein
meri jholi mein
phir se ghum hona
meri aankhon ka
phir se num hona
muje ye sochne pe
majboor karta hai
dukhon ki iss baarish mein
muje rulaane ki iss saazish mein
mere kai dushmano ki
jo haamil hai
yeh mosam b
to shaamil hai

3GMT + 4 Hours Re: paa-ba-gl sab hain on 11/01/10, 10:36 am

Rabail khan

Bohat umdah!

4GMT + 4 Hours Re: paa-ba-gl sab hain on 23/01/10, 09:57 pm


very nice

5GMT + 4 Hours Re: paa-ba-gl sab hain on 21/02/10, 04:30 am


*Super Moderator*
*Super Moderator*

6GMT + 4 Hours Re: paa-ba-gl sab hain on 21/02/10, 03:44 pm




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