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1GMT + 4 Hours NAHI TO on 23/02/10, 04:51 am


New member
New member
Yeh gham kia dil ki aadat hai?Nahi to
Kisi sey kuch shikaayat hai?Nahi to

Hai wo ik khaab-e-bey taabeer us ko
Bhula dene ki neeyyat hai?Nahi to

Kisi k bin,kisi ki yaad k bin
Jiye jaaney ki himmat hai?Nahi to

Kisi soorat bhi dil lagta nahi?haan
To kuch din sey yeh haalat hai?Nahi to

Tujhey jis ney kaheen ka bhi na rakh'kha
Wo ik zaati si wehshat hai?Nahi to

Trey is haal par hai sab ko heirat
Tujhey bhi iss pey heirat hai?Nahi to

Hum aahangee nahi dunia sey teri
Tujhey is par nadaamat hai?Nahi to

Hua jo kuch yehi maqsoom tha kia?
Yehi saari hikaayat hai?Nahi to

Azeeyyat naak ummeedoN sey tujh ko
AmaaN paaney ki hasrat hai?Nahi to

Tu rehta hai khayaal O khaab meiN gum
To is ki wajha fursat hai?Nahi to

WahaaN waloN sey hai itni mahabbat
YahaaN waloN sey nafrat hai?Nahi to

Sabab jo is judaai ka bana hai
Wo mujh sey khoobsoorat hai?Nahi to

2GMT + 4 Hours Re: NAHI TO on 23/02/10, 09:14 am




3GMT + 4 Hours Re: NAHI TO on 27/02/10, 04:35 pm



iss baras
phir se
ussi mosam mein
meri jholi mein
phir se ghum hona
meri aankhon ka
phir se num hona
muje ye sochne pe
majboor karta hai
dukhon ki iss baarish mein
muje rulaane ki iss saazish mein
mere kai dushmano ki
jo haamil hai
yeh mosam b
to shaamil hai

4GMT + 4 Hours Re: NAHI TO on 01/03/10, 02:26 am


han ji acha hai


5GMT + 4 Hours Re: NAHI TO on 28/03/10, 01:45 pm


*Super Moderator*
*Super Moderator*

6GMT + 4 Hours Re: NAHI TO on 28/03/10, 11:05 pm


Nicee bahoot achi hai


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