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........jalty deakha hai.....

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1GMT + 4 Hours ........jalty deakha hai..... on 13/05/10, 01:57 pm


New member
New member
Apno ko apno kay jazbaaton say kheltay dekha hay,
Jhoot suun suun kay sach ka katl hotay dekha hay,

Nahi farq padta unhein kay kya guzeregi kisi pay,
Unhe to bas humnay armano ko kuchaltay dekha hay,

Lamha lamha dur honay ka dard sata.ta rehta hay,
Uss doori ka ham nay faida unhein uthatay dekha hay,

Kar kay sitam phir khaatay hain apno ki jhooti kasam ,
Unn kasmo ko ham nay hamesha tut-tay huay dekha hay ,

Farebi nahi hain ham phir bhi kehlatay hain farebi ,
Farebi kahay hamein uss ko ham nay hastay huay dekha hay,

Sambhali apni her khushi uss sachi ibadat kay liyay ,
Khushian bant-tay ham nay unhein gairo kay saath dekha hay,

SEHER tuo lay jay gi apna sab dard khud mein samait kay,
Lekin iss dard mein ham nay bohton ko jaltay dekha hay.

2GMT + 4 Hours Re: ........jalty deakha hai..... on 28/08/10, 10:09 am


Bahoot hi ummda hai


3GMT + 4 Hours Re: ........jalty deakha hai..... on 17/06/11, 12:13 pm

prince ali

New member
New member

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