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challenge for u all

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1GMT + 4 Hours challenge for u all on 25/06/10, 09:53 am


New member
New member
salam to all dearss

ik or challenge hai

use ur mind n give the answer

Kisi easi Larki ka name batao, jis main ye word na aate hoo ( a,e,i,o,u)..

Tujy yaqeen tu nahi per sach yehi hai
mAin Teray Wasty UmariAn Guzarr Sakta Hoon
Yehi Nahi K TuJy PAa LaynY Ki KhawHish Hai
Main TerAy Wasty Khud Ko Bhi HaRR Sakta Hoon

For My Sweet Heart

2GMT + 4 Hours Re: challenge for u all on 26/06/10, 04:44 am


*Super Moderator*
*Super Moderator*

3GMT + 4 Hours Re: challenge for u all on 28/08/10, 05:50 pm




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