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Queens of Islam

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1GMT + 4 Hours Queens of Islam on 26/06/11, 03:27 am


In life,
With strife,
Your freedom deprive.
You are the veil of Islam.

I see,
You see,
The hardships of modesty.
But strengthens your growing Imaan.

Your fate,
They hate,
And impatiently wait.
To discriminate with pride.

They show,
How low,
Their morality can go.
And sets your faith aside.

They're blind,
To find,
Your intentions in mind.
And refuse your conviction.

Your attire,
Is higher,
Than they can aspire.
Which fuels their contradiction.

Their arrogance,
Is ignorance,
Which seals their deliverance.
To the fire of Jahannam.

So ignore,
And detour,
From this futile war.
As if it was the month of Muharram.

Your love,
For ar-Ra'uf,
Flies like a dove.
Resembling the swiftness of peace.

Your beauty,
Is truly,
Your salvation made newly.
Your Hijab should never cease.

So abide,
With pride,
And show no reside.
Your appearance is sublime and true.

For others,
Can search for God forever.
Whilst He will come searching for you.

So never,
Just sever,
Your connection with az-Zâhir.
For what society demands.

For you radiate,
And emanate,
The purity of your faith.
And stand as the Queens of Islam.

/ `---___Master Mind007 ___|]
),---.(_(__) /
// () ),----"

Dreamz World Owner

2GMT + 4 Hours Re: Queens of Islam on 26/06/11, 10:41 am

prince ali

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