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Crazy Colored Contact Lenses...

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1GMT + 4 Hours Crazy Colored Contact Lenses... on 08/10/11, 10:39 am


Crazy Colored Contact Lenses

"You Can Go Wild Instantly!"
Crazy colored contact lenses are the frosting for fantasy makeup looks! They’re a great way to kick your look up a notch. Whether it’s incredible color or a special effect, there’s a pair that will work for you and a few makeup tips can help choose the best pair.
Best Colored Contacts
Good quality contact lenses are available online but first there is one important decision you need to make.
Determine whether or not you require vision correction. You will need a correct fit so make sure you schedule a visit with your eye doctor – even if you don't need prescription lenses.

Once you get the go-ahead then decide which style of colored contacts suit you.

The colors available range from beautiful natural colored contacts lenses to the wildest colors.

"Contacts are perfect for fantasy makeup looks!"

Selecting Your Specialty Contacts
There’s a huge selection of crazy colored contact lenses to choose from out there so how do you narrow it down? Ask yourself three questions:

1. Do I want enhanced color that I can also wear on other special occasions?

This is a type of look that will change the appearance of your natural eye color by adding intensity in the form of color. Think light blue to dark blue or even dark green.

2. Do I want a color that totally changes my look in a dramatic way, but would still be wearable for events like fairy festivals and night parties?

Think violets, purples, multiple colors or fun designs.

3. Do I want a totally outlandish pair that works with a costume?

This is where cat eyes and vampire red lenses fit in. If you want to recreate a look or use them for multiple events, then go for these.

Removing Contacts – Be Safe
Creating fantasy makeup looks with crazy colored contact lenses is great fun. To keep it that way make sure you wash your hands first before applying your contacts. Put the contacts on in an area where you are away from the dust created by applying powder cosmetics. It’s important to keep your eyes clean.
When the evening is finished you should again wash your hands and then remove your contacts. Don’t go without disinfecting them because you definitely want your specialty lenses to be suitable for multiple-use. After all, you never know when you might feel the need to morph into the fictional world again!


2GMT + 4 Hours Re: Crazy Colored Contact Lenses... on 28/10/11, 01:58 am

afshan ali

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*Star Member*
nice sharing..............


3GMT + 4 Hours Re: Crazy Colored Contact Lenses... on 06/11/11, 02:36 pm

Hassan Ali

very nicee sharing.....................

4GMT + 4 Hours Re: Crazy Colored Contact Lenses... on 22/08/13, 02:19 pm


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New member
Nice post. Thank you for sharing!!

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