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Airbrush Makeup......

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1GMT + 4 Hours Airbrush Makeup...... on 29/10/11, 06:25 pm


Airbrush makeup is the secret for a smooth foundation finish that makes your skin appear flawless. It’s used on models and Hollywood superstars to cover blemishes and imperfections before applying blush and eye makeup. Now, you can actually spray on your own foundation using the very same airbrush machines that professional makeup artists use. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to create a perfect look at home. All it takes is one machine and a little practice.

Best Airbrush Makeup Systems:

The secret to achieving beautiful flawless skin is a combination of great skin care, creating a base with the best makeup primer, covering with concealer and finishing by using an airbrush sprayer. With the right technique it’s possible to spray fine mists of makeup that give a nice smooth and even finish on the skin. The result is a photo perfect makeup finish that looks naturally flawless. You may have heard about or seen a few of these systems online:

Temptu Airbrush Makeup – A home system with foundation pods.

Luminess – One of the first affordable home airbrush systems.

Dinair – A professional system which comes with a complete foundation starter kit.

Kett Cosmetics – A professional system perfect for the aspiring makeup artist.

Eight Ideas For Using A Kit:

If you’ve never thought about using one you might want to take a moment and consider what you can do with a system that sprays on makeup. The ideas are almost limitless. Here are 8 ideas which show what you can do with a kit:

1. Airbrush foundation is very durable flawless finish. It doesn’t run, fade, cake, smear or melt like traditional makeup, but you’re not limited to foundation. You can spray on blush, eyeshadow or contour with it.

2. It can be worn for up to 15 hours without touchups! That makes it perfect for everything from doing prom makeup to wearing for bridal makeup. It lasts.

3. The best part is that it’s so perfect that even with high-definition video that scrutinizes every pore and line, your skin will still look fabulous.

4. You can use a home airbrush tanning system to achieve a golden glow. It’s definitely better for your skin than excessive sun exposure.

5. Breast enhancement is possible by creating the illusion of depth and highlights to make your contours appear more dramatic. Simply gorgeous.

6. What about sculpting abs? It’s possible and remember, anything you can do with a sunless tanner, you can do with an airbrush tan.

7. It’s even possible to use for fantasy makeup looks and using a fine spray you can blend colors perfectly.

8. Temporary tattoos are easy using tattoo stencils and an airbrush. What an easy way to create a sensation for an evening or several days.

Home Airbrush Makeup Tips:

There was a time when only makeup artists used these sprayers, but the techniques and foundations have now been adapted so that you can experience the same results by using your own home airbrush makeup kit.
The kits you buy for using at home are actually a little easier to learn than the pro tools. The best way to start is to try out the sensation of spray on makeup by using one of the new aerosol foundations. Learn how to apply spray-on foundation and then branch out and buy your own airbrush system.

With the increasing affordability of home airbrush makeup systems, you don’t have to be a celebrity to look perfect anymore. Once you try out an airbrush makeup treatment at home and you’ll be strutting and feeling like a star!


2GMT + 4 Hours Re: Airbrush Makeup...... on 29/10/11, 10:01 pm

afshan ali

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3GMT + 4 Hours Re: Airbrush Makeup...... on 30/10/11, 01:03 am

Sana Zahid

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4GMT + 4 Hours Re: Airbrush Makeup...... on 30/10/11, 03:47 pm

Hassan Ali


5GMT + 4 Hours Re: Airbrush Makeup...... on 04/03/13, 06:45 am


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As I know about airbrush makeup its :
Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods.

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