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zehano.n me.n Khayaal jal rahe hai.n....

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zehano.n me.n Khayaal jal rahe hai.n

zehano.n me.n Khayaal jal rahe hai.n
socho.n ke alaav-se lage hai.n

duniyaa kii girift me.n hai.n saaye
ham apanaa vujuud Dhuu.NDhate hai.n

ab bhuukh se ko_ii kyaa maregaa
manDii me.n zamiir bik rahe hai.n

maazii me.n to sirf dil dukhate the
is daur me.n zehan bhii dukhe hai.n

sir kaaTate the kabhii shahan_shaah
ab log zubaan kaaTate hai.n

ham kaise chhu.Daaye.n shab se daaman
din nikalaa to saaye chal pa.De hai.n

laasho.n ke hujuum me.n bhii ha.Ns de.n
ab aise bhii hausale kise ha.n


Sana Zahid

Sensiour member
Sensiour member

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